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Who Is Amaxbrand?

China's leading manufacturer and exporting company, Amax sells to more than 100 countries around the world.

How it Works

We set up our own Affiliate Program - Flexible ads type, Reliable tracking technology. High Commissions. You can easily earn commissions by placing our ads on your website or simple posting your affiliate link.

Amaxbrand's link to us affiliate program allows anyone with a Amaxbrand account to make money by promoting products and even any individual pages found on

Amaxbrand pays a 7% referral payment value for each sale that you refer to Amaxbrand from your blog, e-mail. or even via offline marketing.

You can earn referrals by promoting any products including others or that with your design. No products are off limits, so you can pick and promote any of your favorite products or pages. The more you sell. the more you earn! Spread your links everywhere. you will earn!. We calculated monthly.

Earn 7% commission on sales referred through your website. Once your visitor clicks through your affiliate link, you will earn commission on their sales for thirty days!

We offer Pay Per Sale Commissions.

Shipping cost not included


If you generate $1000 worth of sales in July you will get $70 from your affiliate network (7% x $1000)

You do not have anything to lose. You can only gain!

Why Join Amaxbrand Link To Us Affiliate Program?

High Average Order Value

Because of linking to our site you get paid up to 7% commissions based on AOV $600. Some order is even more than $50000

Big Market

Online printing and promotion products and office supply markets are typically very big. which make up a totally 200 billion dollar-a-year market.

High Conversion Rate

  • Our marketing and promotions department offers targeted product offerings that help you maximize your sales as a member of our affiliate program. Our vast selection of products and different designs (and growing) has a higher target and thus. yields optimum conversion.
  • All of worldwide promotion products are currently made in China. Even all our competitors located in America or Europe need to import these from us. With an unbeaten product price in the world. buying from us is impulse buys with lowest price points.
  • The market are just standing in front of all the companies, let's face it—Logo products are the best advertising and marketing products to spread the companies' name.
  • User experience is paramount to our business. We boast a 3% conversion rate that we maximize by constantly testing our order flow. ensuring that the user experience is the best, best. best that it can be.

Develop a profitable, hands-free business as a member of our affiliate program.

  • We handle all of the fulfillment, processing and customer service. You just sleep to wait the money roll in.
  • Its easy to log on to our online printing, promotion products, office supply affiliate program site 24-hours a day to access your tracking and reporting in your account.

You can't lose.

  • Joining our advertising and marketing products affiliate program is absolutely FREE and takes just a couple of minutes. No credit card needed! You have nothing to lose.
  • It is quick and easy to set up links.
  • Work with a trusted partner.
  • Get Paid Monthly(90days after sale. Some of our FCL/LCL great value order needs 60days totally to arrive)
  • 30 return days for all visitors.

Examples of ways you can link to as a Link Affiliate:

Building links is easy! All you need to do is choose the type of link you want from the following link builder page and we will generate all the HTML code for you. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into your site to start generating sales and earning commission!

Amaxbrand's Partner Link To Us Program allows anyone with a Amaxbrand account to make money by promoting products and even any individual pages found on


  1. Amaxbrand assumes no responsibility for any problems or compensation for damages arising due to your link to us.
  2. This offer not available in other partner programs.
  3. Amaxbrand reserves the right to change terms and conditions.
  4. Please make sure your receipts account is correct, once finishing payment, we have no responsibility towards you.
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