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BLOG/GUEST BLOG Marketing Program

Now partner with Amaxbrand, you can use your writing skill to make money by guest blogging with this program! We are looking for experienced guest bloggers — people who can both write great posts and have established connections with other bloggers to arrange placements on their sites. However, if you have a great blog with lot of traffic, you can post blogs relevant to our products and service on your blog.

If you have an Amaxbrand store, one popular way to send traffic to your store is to create blogs that mention them. There are many websites that let you can use to create free blogs. You can either post on your blog and make your blogs themed or just use them to write and show off anything you want or you can find a way to post guest blogs. Blogs help you by getting traffic themselves, but also because each link you make to your store make it rank higher in Google searches.

How it works.

  1. Submit to be our partner member for our approval
  2. Apply to post in one or multi certain blog in your Amaxbrand account "Partner With Amaxbrand" section,
  3. We approved your application.
  4. Promote Amaxbrand service and products on any guest blog.
  5. Send us the link of the blog post which you promote for Amaxbrand by email , so that we can track the page.
  6. Get paid after we confirm the link is working.

The blog link to Amaxbrand should be do follow

What is Guest Blog?

Guest blogging is a method used by bloggers to increase blog traffic where bloggers write posts to be published on other bloggers' blogs.

Bottom Line About Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a win-win situation for both bloggers involved. It helps to grow traffic for both blogs and strengthens blogger relationships. Don't be afraid to ask for guest posts from bloggers whose content you enjoy (and who you think can write a post relevant to your blog's audience) or to ask if you can write guest posts for them.

How To Start

First, you need to have an attractive article about any of our business field including gift, customize, online print, fast print, catalog, business card, canvas, banner, sticker, label, calendar, business form, promotion gift, give aways, premium, promotion products, silk screening skill, pan printing skill, color, design, even how to use a software to design. Anything related to our business field or advertising and promotion and gift.

Second, You need to find blogs. Though any blog with heavy traffic is ok, but those with related content are always the best. There are a lot of bloggers already made a statement that they can accept guest blogging. Even those blogs never say that they can accept guest blogging, if you have blog articles make them excited, he/she can still agree to publish your article!

Third, send your block article to the blog owner. Normally, there are two ways here: 12mail; 2.submit in page of the blog; 3. message in blog

Four, wait the blog owner publishing

How To Find the Guest Blog Website Address

  1. - A big blog searching engine
  2. - A big blog directory.
  3. Blog searching by Google
  4. - More than10000 blogs here can accept guest blogging
  5. Search through google.

How To Find Ideas Of A Guest Blog Post

As a guest blog post must be very high quality in writing, the use of writing skill is very important. However, the article's ideas and creativity are more important than the text itself.

You can find inspiration from these way:

  1. Famous blog in the industry of advertising and marketing. These blogs will often talk about the industry's hottest topics.
  2. Yahoo Answers.People around the world gathered here to ask questions but still no satisfactory answers. Directly select these issues and answer these questions, it would have a creative idea of the article.
  3. Social media. Often care about your Facebook and Twitter, timely capture live fresh advertising and marketing niche questions as a writing topic
  4. Forum. Forum is still a place where spark of human thoughts collide. Seize the fleeting opportunity to refine subject of the article.
  5. Blog comments. Do not think that blog comment is garbage and sand. We can also pull out gold from the pile of sand. Take this golden idea into your writing and submit to the other blog.

What the promotion article should be?

  • Attractive
  • Include at least 1 links to's any page
  • Any style is acceptable
  • Original is better. Any article passed copycheck will be highly appreciated
  • Posts should be 400-600 words long, contain images and be written by a native language speaker.
  • Posts will cover a range of topics that related to customization, printing, advertising and marketing, gifts or any of the products and service of our website.
  • Each post must contain a minimum of 3 subtitles
  • Each post must have a post title not exceeding 70 characters.
  • Each post must have a meta description not exceeding 140 characters.
  • Each post must have no more than 8 keywords.
  • Post on a related website
  • We accept only sites with Moz DA 30+ with links being do-follow.

How much can I get?

We offer $30 to $50 a piece for sites with DA 30 to 50. Higher DA site rates are negotiable. You can email to for details

Please Note: This is very important for you to apply post first before you post to your blog or any guest blog. We only pay for those blog post apply approved in Amaxbrand before post on other blogs.

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