BBS Marketing Program

Now partner with Amaxbrand, you can use your writing skill to make money on BBS with this program!

How it works.

  1. Submit to be our partner member for our approval
  2. Apply to post in one or multi certain BBS in your Amaxbrand account "Partner With Amaxbrand" section,
  3. We approved your application.
  4. You promote Amaxbrand service and products on any forum or BBS.
  5. Send the link of the post to us which you promote for Amaxbrand, so that we can track the page.')
  6. Get paid after we confirm the link is working.

What the promotion article should be?

  • Attractive
  • Above 100 words
  • Include at least 1 links to\'s any page
  • Any style is acceptable.
  • New post')
  • Any article passed copycheck.
  • You are the original poster.
  • Not submited in any other Amaxbrand partner program.One article can not be submited in two Amaxbrand partner program.

How much can I get?

Regular Pay + Merit Pay
Regular Pay: S2 USD /Post on BBS post

Merit Pay: the more visits to your posts bring, the more money you will get

  • 1-2999 visits to per post in one month $0.03 USD /visit
  • 3000-9999 visits to per post in one month $0.04 USD /visit
  • For example, if you have two post on BBS, one brings 1000 visits and the other brings 3000 visits in one month to, You will totally get:

(1000*0.03) + (3000*0.04) +$2+$2= $154.So your total income is $154 for your promote Amaxbrand in that month.

Note :

  1. Amaxbrand assumes no responsibility for any problems or compensation for damages arising due to your link to us.
  2. This offer not available in other partner programs.
  3. Not all visits/referals/reviews/blogs will qualify for rewards.
  4. Amaxbrand reserves the right to change terms and conditions.
  5. Please make sure your receipts account is correct, once finishing payment, we have no responsibility towards you.
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