You have two ways to participate our product review program: one, participate our on site review program to earn Amaxbrand points; second, participate our off-site program to earn Amaxbrand credit worth up to $20 in cash.

On-site product review program

We supply enough chance for all visitors to make a product review for our products. Text review, videos of products or pictures of products are all welcome. In exchange for these reviews your account will be credited with Amaxbrand Points which can be used in future purchases. You can find Write a review link on the product detailed information page.

The Review product option is also available under My Account. See here for Amaxbrand Points Details

Off-site product review program

We encourage our users to get rewarded by write detailed reviews with images, pictures and videos of products and then post them on any other relevant website, blog, forum, or video site. The product reviews must be in-depth and detailed.

For all the positive reviews, once approved by Amaxbrand, you will be rewarded with an Amaxbrand store credit of $5 - $20 based on the review content, quality, location and popularity of your review. Not like other competitors, write a review and earn $20 cash,What better reason to spread the word?

Offsite Product Reviews, Get Free Samples

Do you want to review free products? Do you have a popular online presence in forums, blogs, have your own website or any other large community based websites? If you are keen to review free products and have a massive audience, just fill out the apply form and supply enough of your review information. After approval, we will send some of our samples to you directly and you can begin to finish your review. You do not need to spend even a cent! Please email to

How it works.

  • Register to be our member on our website.
  • Apply to post in one or multi certain websites through email to
  • We approved your application.
  • You promote Amaxbrand service and products on internet.
  • Send the link of the post to us by email to which you promote for Amaxbrand, so that we can track the page.
  • Get paid after we confirm the link is working. We pay you by credit your account on our website. You can withdraw to your account or buy something on our website.


What Are the Rewards for My Product Review and how to use it?

Amaxbrand Team will check your review. You will be rewarded $5-$20 for one review once approved, depands on the content, quality, location and popularity of your review. Your review commission will credit directly to your account, you can check it in your account store credit section. Of course, you can ask for refund for the store credit to your paypal account. And also you can use it in paying the products.

What the product review should be?

  • It is better that your review shows a product, and explain the features and benefits, operation, and demonstrate the performance of the item.
  • It is better that you make a comparison the product with other related product you own.
  • Tell the readers where it came from! Put a direct link to the product from the review to If links are not allowed, use our logo within the review or emphasize you buy from our company name Amaxbrand in clear bold type at the beginning and end of each review.
  • Original Photos and videos are highly recommended. Better reviews always have rich content. If you create a video review, upload it on Youtube, Video, or other popular video site.
  • The review should be new, original, not copied from other source.
  • The review can not contain any obscene, illegal, immoral or objectionable language.
  • The review do not have any content of advertising or promotional content of other website or other company.
  • The review must be about products bought from
  • We only accept positive review rewarded.
  • Above 300 words.
  • Include at least 1 links to’s any page.
  • Any article passed copycheck.
  • Not submitted in any other Amaxbrand partner program. One article can not be submited in two Amaxbrand partner program.

How do I get paid?

  • We will credit your account on our website. You can use your credit on our website or you can choose to get Amaxbrand points(10% extra for exchange, contact us for exchanging ).But you should notice that Amaxbrand points can only be used on Amaxbrand to pay.
  • You can purchase items anytime use account credit.
  • You will get paid monthly. We normally credit your account at the end of each month.
  • Please do not try to spam. Any fraudulent activity will result in non-payment of your account.

How do I get my product review approved?

The product you review must be a recent undamaged purchase from or we send to you directly. When you have finished your review, you can published it online, then email us the link for approval and email to: with your Amaxbrand Account ID included. Not all the reviews will be rewarded.


  • Amaxbrand assumes no responsibility for any problems or compensation for damages arising due to your reviews.
  • Amaxbrand reserves the right to republish the reviews on Amaxbrand website or other sites with credit to author.
  • Not all reviews will qualify for reward.
  • This offer not available in other partner programs.
  • Amaxbrand reserves the right to change terms and conditions.
  • Please make sure your receipts account is correct, once finishing payment, we have no responsibility towards you.